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Infographic of the Day: Is Bottled Water Really That Bad? Yes

This expansive graph by Online Education tells you all you need to know about bottled water, as you scroll from top to bottom. Now excuse me while I try to hide my bottle of water. Won't happen again, promise.

bottled water

[Via Online Education]

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  • Danesha Sapp

    Don't forget the BPA that leeches off of the bottle and into your water, therefore, into your body. BPA is a carcinogen and has been linked to several cancers.

  • Danesha Sapp

     I have to disagree. We specifically tested water bottles (Dannon bottles to be exact) and they absolutely tested for BPA. Not sure where you got your info but...give it a try and see for yourself!

  • Scubachipmunk

    Actually Danesha, BPA is not added to water bottles, which are made from PET plastic. Historically, it has been in the polycarbonate type of bottles, some of which are labeled #7 (though bioplastics are labeled that too, so difficult to tell sometimes). Most canned goods, to include canned drinks, include BPA in the liner.