Fast Company's Father's Day Contest: Win a Pair of $495 Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth [UPDATED]

Joey Roth Ceramic speakers

Update: After some hijinks, our comments system is working again. If you submitted by e-mail, we've got your entry. But if you'd like, you can re-enter it below in the comments to share with everyone. Thanks! 

Father's Day is coming up fast—June 20th to be exact—and is here to help, with a super-swank gift for dear old dad: We're giving away one pair of Ceramic Speakers designed by Joey Roth.

You might have seen these on the Web—-they've been all over the place. CrunchGear calls them "a true high-fidelity audio solution."

They usually retail for $495, but you can win them for your dad for free. All you have to do is respond in the comments with the name of a song that always reminds you of your father, and a story about why. The prize goes to whomever has the best story (as chosen by us).

No novels please—limit your entries to 250 words or less. Remember that if you haven't commented in the past, your story will have to be greenlit by our moderators before it appears on the site (from then on, you'll be able to jabber away to your heart's content).

We'll select the winner on June 15th at 10 a.m. EST, so that the speakers can arrive on your father's doorstep by the 20th.

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Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

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  • JRuppert

    The song I love is "Daddy Cut My Hair" by Michael Kelly Blanchard. The ballad creatively tells the story of a father and his son and how they mature together. First, daddy cuts the young sons hair...Later in life, dad cuts hair for his buddies in Viet Nam....finally the son cuts Dads hair years later after his debilitating stroke.  My dad has since passed away, but his love for me and the magical times we spent together will always live on! Just as in the song, we shared a "full-circle" life of love and caring for each other!

  • missdalton22

    I meant his wife as in our mother is his wife (they have been married for 35+ years now)

  • missdalton22

    My Dad is truly amazing. He has stood by my side from day one. To raising my brother and I and fully supporting our handicapped mother (and his wife) after she was hit by a drunk driver. He paid for my college after I graduated high school even though money was tight and never gave up on me or our family. Everyone who comes around him is just lit up with his love and jokes. He worked many years as a Volunteer Firefighter and first responder, saving lives of others and still being the best dad in the world. He's everything I hope I will be to my children some day, Someone they look up to, respect, and love. Thank you dad. I love you!

  • Meredith

    My dad Ron Lockwood reminds me of the song I Am A Rock By Simon And Garfunkel. Why? My dad is a Rock in my eyes. His confidence and strength gives me the very same.