Infographic of the Day: 20 Recipes For Fancypants Coffee Drinks

Oh I'll just take a cafe melange with a half-caff double twist and not too frothy. Thanks, bro.

Because it's Monday, and because you're probably clutching your morning coffee like a man overboard grasping at a life preserver, here's a handy dandy chart by Plaid Creative, showing you how to make any one of 20 coffee drinks. Some of these are simple. Some them are probably a tad bit embarrassing to order:

[Via Information About Information]

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  • Laturb

    You know, having lived in Italy for nearly six years, I've become a bit anal about coffee, but what really hacks me off is the general consensus in the US that you need to smother the taste of coffee to achieve an agreeable flavour.
    Now, for starters, you need to know how to make coffee. Simple; mocha maker, grinder, whole beans (a myriad of choice out there) and five minutes taken from your hectic schedule. And don't forget that if you're adding milk do NOT boil it, otherwise you'll get a weird flavour.
    So, forget flavours and enjoy the real taste of coffee.

  • Thomas WIlder

    First off, thanks to Cliff for featuring our info-graphic, we really appreciate it. Just wanted to let everyone know that they are available for purchase if you want one. Just email Thanks!