Infographic of the Day: What Obamacare Means for You

All the detail you want, in one subway-style map.

The noxious smell of bullshit still clouds the entire health care debate, so we're still looking for an infographic that will finally make sense of the Obamacare bill. We've already seen informative flowcharts and online calculators—but these have been both ugly and a bit too simplified. Time for something new.

This one isn't perfect, but it's still pretty good. Designed by Marco Giannini for a recent contest held by GOOD magazine, it depicts the health care reform bill as a subway map.

The map branches out from two main categories—the uninsured and the insured. And from there, it tracks all the variations of each. For each type of person, it shows all the fine print details like so:

Granted, this entire thing could still be better looking and a bit less complex (it can be hard to follow some of these snaking paths). But it's still well done—and very much worth scrolling around the full-size version.

You can also read Giannini's account of how he created the chart at

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  • DrMaria

    For God's sake!!! Bullshit is indeed bullshit and your political opinion/ position is made painfully clear when you and other (IRRESPONSIBLE) media outlets keep referring to the healthcare legislation as Obamacare! You sound like and uniformrmed 'Tea Partier'. We have an untenable healthcare delivery system in this country and until ALL of the emotional/ irrational reaction is removed from the discussion we will never have a workable solution. You do the public, working Americans AND especially Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs an ENOURMOUS disservice. Perhaps the next (insurmountable) challenge we should address in this country is the need for critical thinking, scientific reasoning, civil discourse and social responsibility. Good God!!!

  • scott griffis

    As someone starting a business and soon to be without heathcare, why not drop all the games and provide healthcare to all Americans? No more dealing with insurance companies.