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Infographic of the Day: Are You a Cheapskate, Compared to Your Neighbors?

A new Web app that let's you compare your personal spending with that of people just like you.

With any big purchase or impulse buy, you've probably wondered: Am I spending too much money? And then you've wondered: Is anyone else as much of a cheapskate/spendthrift/money waster as I am? Does everyone else spend as much on groceries or gas? Should I really be spending $15 for a six-pack of microbrew? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

Okay. Breathe. Bundle—which we've featured before—is one of a new breed of infographics-based startups, which aims to help you see exactly how your neighbors spend their money—and help you decide whether or not your life is a freakish pursuit of status and comfort, or merely just an average pursuit of status and comfort.

The site is currently in beta, but you can already get a pretty tasty sample of the offerings. You simply specify the demographic you're interested in—say, single males, between 25-34, making $XXX—and then you can compare as many zip codes as you want, or simply drill down into your own zip code, to get a comparison with your immediate neighbors.

Then, you can map the results:

And, what's coolest, you can see the results as percentiles as well—so that compare how your spending habits stack up:

Check out the site here, and sign up to get news about the next launch.

[Tip via DataVisualization.Ch]

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