Bugaboo's "Donkey" Double-Stroller Is a Siamese Dream

Coming to better homes and gardens this spring!

The Dutch stroller company Bugaboo — the Rolls-Royce for the non-self-burping contingent — has announced a new set of wheels that transforms from a one-seater to a two-seater and vice versa. Marketers are billing it as "the first iconic convertible stroller." Somewhere in Park Slope, the earth just shook.

For good reason. The Donkey Bugaboo solves a real problem: How to fit a second child in the stroller without having to buy a new one. Of course, you could pick up four perfectly decent strollers for the cost of one Bugaboo, but for (well-heeled) loyalists, that's like trading in a diamond for 20 bags of cubic zirconia.

So here are some of its covetable features: It converts easily; you just stretch out the frame, then pop in the second seat. Here's a demo:

Note that one of the seats faces rear (a Bugaboo signature), which makes it easy for parents to coo away and has been shown to help babies develop language skills. Why just one seat, though? (Sucks to be the other kid!)

As a single-seater, it's got a removable side basket for storing groceries, diaper bags, or $50 olive oil. As a two-seater, it's apparently the narrowest side-by-side luxury stroller around — 29 inches wide (so ostensibly it fits through standard doorways). And, of course, it has the same clean look as other Bugaboo products, which design-minded mommies and daddies go gaga for.

Is it just a glorified double stroller? Maybe. It isn't exactly ideal for city parents. Even if it's narrow by most standards, it's still pretty chunky for hauling on subways and pushing down busy streets. And there are already plenty of double strollers out there that are skinnier and just as chichi, like Phil&Teds's Vibe stroller, which is only 25 inches wide.

Then again, Bugaboo has so much brand recognition — and legitimate design bona fides — we reckon it'll sell faster than Tickle Me Elmo. As one baby blogger wrote, probably echoing sentiment from Pac Heights to Brooklyn: "I've only been waiting for this stroller for six years." She'll have to wait a little bit longer. It's not available 'til next spring.

The price isn't set yet.

[Images courtesy of Bugaboo]

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  • Smpratt6

    Have a new double donkey Bugaboo but the transport bag is too small.  Is there a transport bag made for the double Donkey?

  • MarciaNY

    There is a Canadian company that has a lighter double side by side stroller with same functions for 3 years already and it's half price. Also narrow, but lightweight and folds a lot more compact and includes a lot of accessories. Too bad they're not available at major retailers. I love my Stroll-Air My Duo.  you should tell your son and his wife to try it,

  • 456bendy

    My son and his wife are going to buy one for there twins, you then have to pay for all the extras on top- car seats, leg muffs sorry but its a rip off . more money than sense, for the amount of time there in them. wake up you could have a nice holiday with that kind of money.

  • sharon slaughter

    I will love to own a Double Bugaboo Donkey Strollers for my children's. I fell that is the best stroller that was invinted. Please email me to let me know where to buy one for my daughter it will truly be a blessing to her to recieve a Double Bugaboo Donkey Stroller.