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A Split-Personality Couch for Couples That Never Agree

It's the perfect sofa for couples who can't agree on anything.

Say you're shopping with your significant other for a new couch, and you can't seem to agree on the right one. She wants something firm, you want something soft and pillowy. What to do, short of starting a domestic cold war?

Dutch design student Karlijn Kuipers has the perfect solution: Curb, a couch that manages to be both hard and soft. One side is a stiff wood oblong. The other side is a giant poof built up with layers of wool, cotton, and horsehair. The sofa's then covered in cotton and lycra, creating a single blob-like form.

OK, so it's kinda? weird. And it has no back. And with that pink upholstery, the whole thing looks like a pregnancy test or a tampon. (Kuipers picked the color, apparently, because it's reminiscent of skin. Nice.)

Bah! Easy fixes! Curb solves a legitimate problem for couples and families who like different types of sofas, but can't afford to buy more than one or simply don't have the room. As we've discussed before, more and more people are eschewing the suburban dream home to live in cities, with apartments no bigger than a matchbox. Household goods that are both compact and multi-functional, whether you're talking about refrigerators or couches, are the next big trend.

Unfortunately, Curb's just a prototype and not for sale, but you can see it at the excellent Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven through Oct. 31.

[Images courtesy of Karlijn Kuipers]