Hayley Merrington

Merrington used weathered antiques and bits of machinery to create a steampunky look.

James Gardner

Gardner’s cap looks like tribal headwear for the 21st century.

Janosch Mallwitz

S&M meets sneaker culture in Mallwitz’s clever design.

Jennifer Yang

Yang brings the bling to just the right amount: no more, no less.

Marianne Lund

Lund’s coquettish design would be the perfect accessory for an urban debutante ball.

Roser Pascual

Let’s hope Pascual’s hacker lid comes with password protection.

Sophie Waterfield

Fashion designers already spend their lives handling fabric swatches, so why not accessorize with them too?

Kenji Kawasumi

Kawasumi celebrates New Era’s anniversary literally with this luscious cupcake-inspired design.

Sergio Cruz Pajuelo

David Hockney meets Mardi Gras in Pajuelo’s quirky cap.

Shotaro Ishii

Ishii flaunts his Green bona fides in this eco-inspired design.

Craig Green

We honestly don’t quite know how to describe Green’s entry, but its boldness is hard to deny.

Terry Chong

Feather boa meets Chinese dragon (or is it a luchador?) in Chong’s fanciful entry.


Caps Become Canvases in New Era's Student Design Competition [Slideshow]

To celebrate the apparel brand's 90th anniversary, New Era EMEA invited 90 student designers to put their creative stamp on its signature fitted cap.

The fitted baseball cap is a staple of modern urban fashion, but who knew the company that popularized it, New Era, is almost a century old? To celebrate their 90th anniversary with a infusion of new creative blood, the Buffalo, NY-based headwear brand invited 90 students from Europe's top design schools to add their personal style to a blank white 59FIFTY fitted cap. (The same sort you see baseball players wearing.) The results, including Shotaro Ishii's eco-inspired version above, "clearly demonstrate the wealth of creative talent about to enter the commercial world," according to New Era's press release.

The students' work incorporates diverse influences from fashion, graffiti, jewelry design, and graphic arts, and will be displayed in five art galleries in London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Milan until December. New Era will also publish photographs of the caps (as well as a retrospective of the brand's headwear in general) in a coffee table book.

But the sweetest reward, given to just one of the ninety entries, will be a £10,000 grant intended to launch the winning student's "chosen artistic career," according to New Era. Here's a taste of the competition.

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