Infographic: When Do People Break Up?

Infographic designer extraordinaire David McCandless visualizes when Facebook users reset their "relationship status."

The winter holidays will be here soon. And according to David McCandless, author of The Visual Miscellaneum, that means you'd better brace yourself for Facebook's annual breakup season.

McCandless's infographic takes data from Facebook and plots out when users tend to dump their significant others most. It happens two times a year: a couple weeks before the winter holidays, and right around spring break.

[Click image for larger view]

It's no surprise that spring is a time when young lovers shed their romantic baggage to party unfettered in Cancun. But the pre-Christmas dumpathon is more interesting: the breakups seem to spike at least two weeks before the holidays because, as McCandless bluntly puts it, kicking your sig-o to the curb under the mistletoe is "too cruel."

Speaking of cruelty, the third most popular breakup day on Facebook is, apparently, April Fool's Day. Breaking up may be hard to do at the best of times, but that's just cold.

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