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Pixel House: The Classic That Put Mass Studies Architects on the Map

Years before Mass Studies became a starchitecture firm, they created a family dwelling that combines organic space with digitized grace.

Korean architecture firm Mass Studies has become something of a phenomenon in recent years, but back in 2003, they collaborated with Slade Architecture on a modest home for a young family of four. Their creation, "Pixel House," still stands as one of the most striking residential designs of the past decade.

The architects wished to create an ambiguity between organic and "built" space, so they combined sweeping, hut-like curves with traditional rectilinear shapes and wrapped it all in that gorgeous pixel-like exterior brickwork.

The combination of organic contours and sharp edges gives the interiors a strikingly modern-yet-cozy ambiance. The round exterior also complements the hilly landscape around the lot, while contrasting with the traditional row houses next door.

Sure, the house is seven years old now, but brilliant architecture never goes out of style. In the immortal words of 30 Rock's Liz Lemon: I want to go to there.

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