TikTok and LunaTik

These clever bands, by Scott Wilson of MNML Studio, turn iPod Nano into a nice-looking (if slightly butch) wristwatch. TikTok ($34.95) lets you readily snap Nano in and out, whereas LunaTik ($69.95) is meant for people who want to make their Apple device a watch most of the time. Available on pre-order here.


Puma’s sexy, splashy cargo bike is a sort of two-wheeled equivalent of a Range Rover, capable of carrying obscene amounts of stuff (books, groceries, your bandmate’s girlfriend’s baby). But at about 49 pounds, it’s actually pretty light for its class, thanks to a sleek aluminum frame. Designed by KiBiSi and Biomega.

MacBook Air

Released in October, the new MacBook Air is tiny, affordable, and gorgeous. It’s about as skinny as a plate of glass -- .11 inches in the front and .68 inches at its thickest point in the back -- and can weigh a mere 2.3 pounds (depending on screen size). Instead of a clunky hard-drive, it’s got Flash memory, which means it can run for seven hours on a single charge and up to 30 days on standby. The best part: It’s $200 cheaper than the original MacBook Air. Visit the Apple Store for more info.

Desk Set

The exquisitely elegant desk accessories of the young Australian design pair Daniel.Emma are perfect for people who hate visual clutter. The set includes a stationary container ($125), brass paperweights ($330), a rubber-band ball ($210), and a wood paper-clip magnet ($90). Buy them here.


A 3-D printed iPad stand, the PadFoot holds your device upright with an ultra-simple notch in its polyamide belly -- and nothing but. The stand was designed by Holland’s Michael Cornelissen, and costs $25. It comes in multiple colors on Cornelissen’s web site.

Cut & Paste

Never again will you have to scrape cutting boards over the garbage disposal. Klaus Häckl’s ingenious Cut & Paste boards for Eno have built-in bowls for catching all your leftover bits. The boards cost about $21 to $87, depending on size, and can be bought at www.madeindesign.co.uk.

Rapid-Prototyped rings

Brooklyn-based Silva/Bradshaw has a nice range of rings for sale on its webshop, all produced using computer models and various 3-D printing techniques. Prices start at $24 and go up to $600 (for large pieces in 14-karat gold). Read more about Silva/Bradshaw here.

Muovo Dog Bed

Muovo, a small Finnish company, has produced a line of high-design dog beds sure to top the Christmas lists of pet owners who shop at Vitra and won’t let Fido sleep on the Cassina couch. They come in several colors and cost $189 at the Finnish Design Shop.

F. Scott Fitzgerald hardbacks

Coralie Bickford-Smith designed this beautiful set of books to mark the 70th anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death. Released by Penguin in November, the hardbacks do a great job of evoking the Deco era Fitzgerald so deftly satirized -- without resorting to gauzy covers of a flapper in pearls. The collection includes all of Fitzgerald’s novels and one set of short stories. Each one’s got a cover price of 14.99 pounds (about $23). Available at a discount on Amazon.co.uk


Moving right past what might be the world’s most unfortunate product name, this ingenious watch from the British design outfit Industrial Facility has a built-in vibrating alarm that pulses against your skin when it’s time to wake up, rousing you (and not your partner). Analarm costs about $450 and can be purchased on Industrial Facility’s retail web site.


PostCarden is a sort of Chia Pet for postcard freaks. You mail them, like any old postcard, but inside, they have a fold-out seed tray that, with a little care, sprouts into a garden. Available in assorted scenes (a city, a botanical garden, a football field, etc.), they cost about $12 each. Buy 'em here.


Fiskars -- the Finnish maker of the orange-handled scissors in kitchen drawers everywhere -- has outdone itself with a new tool that will cut, oh, EVERYTHING. A clever take-apart joint lets you transform Cuts+More from a pair of scissors into a knife -- or a rope cutter, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, you name it. The tool costs $19.99 on Fiskars’s web site.


This newsreader app for the iPad and iPhone lets you plug into feeds from your favorite sites and read, scan and share articles via an easy-to-use, tile-based interface. Check our full review here, then download it here. (It’s free for a limited time!)


Most Wanted of 2010: 13 Products We’d Rob Banks to Buy

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