An iPad App That Lets Even Amateurs Draw Great Logos [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

Triangle Draw creates perfectly minimal computer graphics using nothing but triangles.

We're starting to suspect the iPad isn't just a device, but a wand that turns mere mortals into superhuman renaissance men. Case in point: Triangle Draw, an iPad app by Denmark's Simon Strandgaard that allows regular joes to create computer graphics that could pass for the stuff of professionals.

OK, we're exaggerating a little. It won't magically produce the next Milton Glaser. But it does let iPadders — whether they've got design chops or not — sketch out cool 2-D logos, typography, and other graphics, using nothing but triangles. [Check out the video above... a Triangle Drawing contest!]


Yep, triangles. So regardless of what you plan to draw, you're basically pulling from a palette of obtuse and acute angles. That's it. Which might sound a bit limiting. Want to make serifs? Good luck. A comic sans logo? Please.

What you get instead are angular, minimalist graphics that look like they're channeling ?80s Atari games. Like below. Any of these icons would've looked right at home in Pac-Man or Q-Bert (aka best. Video game. Ever.) :


It's an aesthetic that certainly doesn't appeal to everyone, and obviously, you wouldn't use an app like this to design the heir to Helvetica. But it could have other design implications. Consider how popular stripped-down logos are nowadays (see here and here). It isn't preposterous to suggest that someone could use Triangle Draw, which elevates naked geometry above all else, to toss off a logo fit for prime time. Watch out, Glaser.

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  • Frank Kloos

    This isn' a design tool, it's a toy. To suggest that amateurs can create logo's that truly represent an organisation with this toy, IS preposterous.

  • Tricia

    1) Using what is essentially tangrams is not drawing - it's placing and assembling2) Why is Fast Co Design propagating the free, cheap, anyone can make a logo myth? Why not promote spec work and crowdsourcing while we're at it. It actually IS preposterous to say someone can "toss off" logos "fit for prime time" - and offensive to serious designers.There is a reason Glaser is Glaser - assembling an minimal, angular image does not make a great logo - taking context, scalability, legibility, target audiences, business goals, and so much more into account. A great designer doesn't just draw pretty pictures and petty articles like this feed into that myth and the deflating world of $5 logos.3) If we remove the insidious implications of the article and concentrate on the program it is actually very cool - simple, easy way to tech and play with triangles, geometry/trigonometry, and explore the use of angles to create...