When I hear DJ, I think equipment. There seems to be no end of the intricate turntables, headphones, computers, mixers and other devices used to mix musing. This Touchtable, designed by Thomas Mascall, is tiny, portable, and a fully functional turntable made using touch technology.

Portable Coffee Maker

Some of us love coffee so much that carrying a to-go cup is not enough; we need a portable coffee maker. Though some iterations of this have been around for a while (for example, camping equipment), this design by madeworks collapses nicely into a handy, tube-like device that can be thrown in a bag for any occasion.

Portable Iron

Most of the annoyance of ironing is its bulkiness - folding out the board, dragging out the iron, untangling wires - these realities make the chore more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. This Portable Iron by Apostol Tnokovski improves the iron on all counts - the pieces slide together for easy storage (becomes a small metal box), and it can be battery operated when needed.

Designer's Portable Projector

Made with designers in mind, this portable projector is lightweight and can function from any flat surface, projecting down onto the table, or against a wall. With the hardware located in the front and the power supply and speakers in the back, a simple cable will do the trick to get this sleek product by Hamit Kununi Kuralkan up and running.

Pocket Light

Though light is an element that we rely on above most else, there aren’t many opportunities to carry it with it you. These days, a cell phone provides a quick-fix for a lightless situation, but this Pocket Light is designed specifically for those times when you need to shed a bit more light on your surroundings, and fast. Harc Lee’s Pocket Light fits in your wallet, and, when needed, can simply be activated by folding the bulb up.

Portable Search

Imagine a portable device that molds itself to wherever you are, giving you information, directions, history, news (and more) about anything that’s in your line of vision. Augmented Reality already makes this technology possible, but Mac Funamizu’s "Looking Glass" design nails the concept, creating a seamless and user-friendly solution to interacting with your surroundings digitally.

Portabale Beamplayer

One of the more painful aspects of giving presentations is the setup. Even on Laptops, a lot can go wrong when setting up, and getting the appropriate wires connected and calibrated. The Portable Beamplayer, designed by Hojoon LIM, is an easy, hassle free solution for work situations. Also great for leisure, it can be used to set up a makeshift theater or screening room, no matter where you find yourself.

Collapsible Stretcher

The collapsible stretcher tweaks the traditional stretcher design in a way that could dramatically improve emergency situations. Not only will this equipment from Mr. Tom Design make it to harder-to-access locations, but, being lightweight and designed as a backpack, anyone can have one.

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8 Bright Concepts for Portable Gadgetry [Slideshow]

In the age of urban nomads, why shouldn't everything in your life fit into your pockets?

Technology helps you have what you need with you at all times. Computer, phone, iPod, keys, wallet, e-book? By now, all of these items can fit in a small bag (or maybe even a pocket of some XL pants).

Wires and "workstations" are outdated; we know that electronics don't need to be stationed at your desk, locked in a maze of wires. They're tools to be kept in your pocket or your handbag, whether your goal is to answer an email, or read a 1,000 page book.

But why be satisfied just because our digital essentials are portable? What if everything you used throughout your day was portable? Objects we accept as being bulky and having to be "stationed" in one spot don't have to be. What if your Coffee Maker didn't need to be parked on your counter, but could be thrown in your bag to use later, or folded up and hidden in a cabinet?

This gallery, designed by Creative Professionals on The Behance Network, stretches the limits of what can be portable, tackling notoriously bulky items like Projectors and Turntables, or more conceptual items like light sources and search mechanisms.

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