Wanted: The Best Grill for Your Balcony

Spring's almost here! Get rid of that rusting Weber grill that's laying around, mocking you.

If you live in a city, or anywhere else that you can't keep a monster-ass Weber grill outside, summers can become an agonizing tease. And even if you can, that thing sits around for nine months out of the year reminding you of how sad it is that summer's gone. What to do?

Black and Blum's new Hot Pot solves a few problems at once: It's a terracotta plant pot that also doubles a grill, so you don't ever have to look at some rusting disgrace.


The top simply lifts off, to reveal a grilling grate that sits over a bed of coals. When you don't need the grill, you can store that piece with your kitchen stuff. As Black+Blum suggest, the pot's pretty perfect for growing the herbs you'll cook with.

Of course, the only niggling problem is those circular grill holes, that give your food a polka-dotted look. Which we guess is a plus, if you're Cindy Lauper or Cruella de Vil?

[The first run has sold out, but you might consider pre-ordering now for $124, for the next batch arriving in May.]

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  • Erik van Lennep

    Here's one (several times) better: get a sleek 'n' sexy Lucia BBQ Grill from World Stove.

    It uses just a handful of any dry biomass to fuel it, and the leftovers after cooking are fertilizer for the garden, your potted plants, or your favorite tree in the local park.

    But the best part (after the oohs and ahhs from your envious dinner guests, and the home grilled yum-factor) is that while grilling you have not added to the CO2 overload, and when you add the biochar residue to the soil, you've actually REVERSED the carbon cycle.

    In an enlightened world, this sort of eco-cred would add to the sex appeal. And until then, you can do your part to help with the enlightenment by taking the "step further" this provides. What's not to love?

    Here's what the inventors say:

    "Be part of the solution. By purchasing a LuciaBBQ not only will you be sequestering CO2 every time you grill, but for every four grills purchased WorldStove donates one LuciaStove to a developing nation pilot program.

    "This does not mean you have to buy four, your purchase WorldStove counts as one fourth of a stove. Today donated LuciaStoves are already helping feed the hungry, provide clean water to the thirsty, reducing deforestation, and sequestering CO2 in three continents".