Google Exec's Hobby: Installing Tiny Dioramas on Empty Ceilings

A creative director at Google Creative Lab makes art to fill the ignored spaces above our heads.

You'd think that being a creative director the Google Creative Lab would take up most of your creative energy. Not so with Ji Lee. When not managing the awesome promos that Google churns out, Lee still finds time to make impressive art of his own — like "Parallel World," an art installation that places delicately designed mini-scenes in unused ceiling space.


Look closer...


"Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism," Lee writes. "I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there's a parallel world which coexists with ours." Want one for yourself? He even takes requests — just drop him a line.


Lee's connection to Google makes for an intriguing subtext to his craft. After all, the search giant is also very much in the business of finding innovative use for unclaimed areas above our heads — like the so-called "white space" wireless spectrum, left unused by television broadcasts after the transition to digital. Maybe Google could even use "Parallel Worlds" in one of its promotional campaigns?


[An installation in an "undisclosed location" in Google's offices]

[For a peak at Ji Lee's own house, click here]

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  • For Reals

    Mucking up beautiful architectural environments really is sad and pathetic.

    Lee really needs to focus all of his limited creative ability to Google Labs. They are doing some of the worst creative in the industry and have more resources and flexibility in the industry.

    Maybe its just Lee that is the problem in Google's environment too?

  • evilquail

    sad and pathetic??
    Regardless of whether you think these look stupid or not, they are clearly imaginative and it seems to me that your choice of phrase is ill formed to say the least!
    Also, I may not be an expert in the creative field, but I generally find that putting a bit of time into a private creative endevor doesnt really take away from whatever else I'm working on!

    Either way I think these works are whimsicle and brilliant!