High Chair: A Lounger Made of Hemp for Stylish Stoners

Someone pass the Visine!

Potheads: The time has come to throw out your beanbags, your Barcalounger, your couch covered in a grimy tie-dye tapestry you bought on Telegraph 15 years ago. The stoner aesthetic has finally blazed its way into the prim little world of haute design. Introducing Wener Aisslinger's Hemp Chair, a stacking chair made out of cannabis. Duuuuuuude.


Before you go and get cotton mouth just thinking about it, a word on the design: Aisslinger, a Berlin-based architect and designer, appears to have pioneered a new technique for creating sexy(ish) monobloc chairs using natural fibers. Most monobloc chairs — that is, chairs formed from a single piece of material as exemplified by Verner Panton's gorgeously sculptural Stacking S chair —are molded out of environmentally harmful plastic. Here, Aisslinger used heat to press together organic materials, like hemp, with a water-based glue, resulting in an eco-friendly composite. The composite is stiff, thin, and can be manufactured inexpensively, making it an excellent alternative to plastic.


Okay, so you can't smoke the chair. (It's only hemp, after all.) But you can certainly sit on it. It's got a cantilevered seat, so you can probably stash things under it. And if you use it to smoke other things, hey that's your business.

The chair debuts at the Milan Furniture Fair next month. Lots more images at Designboom.

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  • Adam Moore

    Seriously lazy commentary. Normally I wouldn't care, but the problem is that hemp is something of a wunderplant that, if accepted (in the US at least) and cultivated on a large scale, would provide significant material benefits to humans. It is an environmentally friendly crop, requiring few pesticides or chemicals to grow, and it is usable in numerous ways, including clothing, food, building materials, paper, fuel and even furniture (see above).

    Everytime someone tasked with actually covering products opts to go the easy route and make a series of stoner jokes, instead of actually exploring the properties that make hemp unique, they are perpetuating an untruth and setting back the progress of innovative products, like the chair above. Instead of seeing the triumph of material and structural design, they see A CHAIR FOR STONERS! That's crazy, dude!

    Keep up the cutting edge commentary!!

  • Hemp Logic

    Hi Suzanne: Love the chair but I deplore your copy. Can't you write about hemp without the cheap 1960s hippie cliches? Does every story about industrial hemp have to rely on the same tired and trite references to pot smokers? It is not funny, not remotely clever and delivers no value to the Fast Company reader. If your editor is a pot smoker from the 1960s and really enjoys the tired old jokes, my apologies to you both.

  • jamestobi

    will dialogue on hemp ever be capable of existing outside of the context of stoners. the laws excluding this material from practical applications are as uninformed as the stoner references. the sooner we start discussing it in the appropriate context the sooner we may be able to utilize it.

    the most industrious and productive of us all (Henry Ford) made a car out of it. yet we digress.

    cool chair!