Eye-Popping Photos Capture Splattered Eggs Frozen in Time

Happy (early) Easter!

We know Easter is more than a month away and all but we couldn't resist showing off these jaw-dropping pics by Brooklyn fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves. They blow your old Paas-decorated egg right out of its basket.

Hargreaves, who has snapped pictures for Ralph Lauren, Christie's, GQ, Nylon, and others, shot the photos here as a side project with his friend, the prop stylist Caitlin Levine.

Together, they hollowed out a bunch of eggs, then filled them with a psychedelic mix of glitter and neon-colored paint. Then they dropped the eggs on the ground, and Hargreaves tried to capture the cinematic moment when they exploded all over the place, appearing like Humpty Dumpty on a mega-big acid trip.

As far as Easter iconography goes, it's more Todd Schorr than Ten Commandments, which is to say awesome.

[Images courtesy of Henry Hargreaves]

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  • James Carr

    Henry I like what you've done with the pieces here. I found this link through another piece about you and your use of bacon as lettering. Since both food ingredients used in both pieces are breakfast have you ever thought of doing a complete series with all breakfast foods? I understand the bacon alphabet by itself is a series and the same thing here with the egg dropping, but is there a reason you don't try to expand out the idea anymore? Don't get me wrong I lOVE both of the artworks I have read about. I am a painter and generally every single one of my pieces whether part of one series or another involves generally some food in it somewhere as well as part of the human form. I was wondering if every series of yours does involve some sort of breakfast food? The modernism of your work fits very well into this "post-post modern" era they are labeling this general time frame for artist coming out of our time and I enjoy where its heading. this work feels very young as if you break the interior of someone/something and see how truly beautiful that spill of emotion can be.

  • Tina Chi

    These are scary yet so beautiful with the amazing color contrasts and crisp shapes!!! I can totally picture any of these, on very large photo canvas, on the wall of a starck white room with minimalist furniture...