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Make Your Own Furniture Out of a Giant Sticker!

Swedish designer Pål Rodenius has plans to draw a blueprint for everything from beds to tables on a single sheet of paper. Then you buy the wood and decide which designs to build.

The DIY project you see here, by Sweden's Pål Rodenius, follows a logic that has doubtless passed through the gray matter of anyone who's ever spent a Saturday night with a hammer and a printout from If people use dress patterns to make their own clothes, why can't they do the same with furniture?

What "2440x1220 Saw, Assemble" does is squeeze variously colored outlines for tables, beds, shelves, and chairs onto a single massive blueprint. Each color corresponds to different pieces of furniture—gray for a chair and a table; red for a shelf and a bench; and so forth. Then all you've got to do is pick the design you like, cut around the lines, and voila, a new bedroom set! It's so damned simple, it makes Instructables look like a chapter out of Tristram Shandy.

Rodenius sells the blueprint inked on a 4-by-8 sheet of plywood for 100 Euros (about $140) through his website. That obviously translates to horridly expensive (and eco-unfriendly!) shipping for anyone who isn't Rodenius's next-door neighbor, so the designer has plans to release the outlines on a giant paper sticker. Users would then roll it out over a slab of plywood that they buy on their own.

No word on when the sticker will be available, but check Rodenius's website for updates.

[Images courtesy of Pål Rodenius]