Simple Genius: A Desktop Stand for All Your Apple Gadgets

Andrew Kim, a 19-year-old student, shows us one of the cleverest designs we've seen all week.

Are you an Apple fiend? Take a look at your desk, then. We'll bet that you've got a mess of white cords laying around, an iPhone, maybe an iPad, and perhaps an iPod strewn about, without any rhyme or reason. It's almost enough to cancel out all that Jony Ive gorgeousness, isn't it?

Well, your savior is Andrew Kim, a 19-year-old student at the Art Center College of Design in L.A. His "quick two-week project," PolyPly, manages to solve your iClutter problem with brilliant simplicity, and a clean design that complements your Apple gear without being too matchy-matchy.


The PolyPly is made of humble, low cost materials: Just a bit of acrylic plastic and birch. And it's simply a template that you can snap an iPhone, an iPad, and an iPod into, with an added slot for a pen. As you can see here, it's perfectly designed to allow cord access for each device:


What's more, it's tilted at an angle that allows you to use all the gadgets in two different positions:




For now, PolyPly is just a prototype. But here's some tips, young master Kim:

1. Change the name.

2. Design a couple different variations, for the various gadget combos that people have.

3. Get yourself on Kickstarter, stat.

4. Make a few hundred thousand dollars, quit school, and sail the Mediterranean, you clever kid.

[Like the project? Contact Andrew]

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  • Tina Chi

    This is beautiful, stremlined, and potentially very helpful. However, the paranoidside of me just can't help pushing aside that nagging feeling that combining things into one easy-to-access entity only makes it easier for problems associated with theft of expensive gadgets or identity. This is mainly why I hesitate jumping on the bandwagon for combined smartphone-credit cards-planners-address books. Just imagine how easy it would be to lose this package yourself, or have it stolen.

  • trey d.

    i <3 innovation & i <3 utility!...and this seems like a great merging of the two...

  • Cindy Gonzalez

    Cliff, I love your comments. Especially #3. Congrats, Andrew! Nice work!