A Toothbrush That Doubles as a Tube of Toothpaste

Spanish designers Kawamura-ganjavian perfect the travel-sized toothbrush.

We travel a lot, and with the TSA ruthlessly enforcing the 3.4-ounce-liquid, single-quart-baggie rule, we're always on the lookout for toiletries that'll help us breeze right through the security line.

So we were thrilled to stumble on Twist&Brush, a great concept by the Spanish designers Kawamura-ganjavian that crams a toothpaste dispenser and a toothbrush into one elegant little package.

The ingenious feature is the handle, which works like a cross between a syringe and a deodorant stick. Fill it up with toothpaste, then when you're ready to brush, twist the bottom a few notches and toothpaste squeezes out the bristles. A bonus: The clear plastic handle indicates precisely how much toothpaste you've got in there, so the TSA won't fritter away your time — and everyone else's — investigating whether you tried to sneak in a few extra ounces.

Obviously, the design is super convenient for travelers, but it's also something of a boon to the environment. Think how much waste people could avoid by not buying those all mini toothpaste tubes they use once or twice, then throw away.

Twist&Brush is just a concept and we have no idea whether the designers plan to put it into production, but we desperately hope they do — if for no other reason than just to give the middle finger to that racket of an industry known as travel-sized toiletries.

[Images courtesy of Awamura-ganjavian]

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  • Peter Yang

    The ideal "away-from-home" toothbrush. Great for traveling, dorm, living, desk storage at work, camping, between-meal brushings, and carrying in a handbag, briefcase, gym bag. 1.Toothbrush and Toothpaste are combined into one unit.

    1. The handle can be filled easily and economically with any brand of toothpaste tube and you can fill the toothbrush with your favorite and qualified toothpaste.
    2. Rotate the end knob and get the proper amount of toothpaste on bristles.
    3. Toothbrush cap can keep your brush clean and sanitary.
    4. Easy to use and refillable, each filling can supply 20-30 brushings. for more information.

  • ken hind

    Promotinal product client looking for this product with two colour corporate logo, in 100 pcs. 250 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs.  please reply Please include approx. shipping cost to Calgary, ab.

  • Peter Yang

    The 2-in-1 Refillable Toothbrush is designed and manufactured with very unique and excellent features. All other similar products have no refillable function and they are just disposable or foldable type. It is the best one in the field of portable toothbrushes.

  • ken hind

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  • Daniel Ferrara

    There are many examples of this product on the market. mainly targeting the outdoor market. After using them some sortcomings come to mind. when the temperature drops or the brush is not used for a long time, the toothpaste gets thick and the screw mechanism that ejects the toothpaste breaks. The product should be easily cleaned refillable from a standard tube of toothpaste to eliminate more packaging. A minimal cartridge similar to a caulk gun would also be good. Several have a snap on cover to keep the brush covered.


  • Kkevin M Kkiesel

    Why would you want your toothbrush to weigh as much as a caulk gun?

  • sirius

    Is there a missing part? What protects the brush from the dirt of bouncing around in my travel bag? I've seem something a little similar to this. It works great and is really easy to refill. Click or search for the Aurelle TOOB Travel Toothbrush.

  • Helen Baik

    measuring marks appear to be pointless, but i would definitely use this for traveling