Wanted: A Cycling Shirt You Can Wear to the Office

An ingenious design by British industrial designer Sam Hecht grafts the storage of a cycling jersey onto the crisp good looks of a classic dress shirt.

It's always hilarious to see the makeshift ways businessmen who bike to work stash their stuff. Take my dad. He hooks a shopping bag around his handle bars, which looks only slightly less ridiculous than what he used to do: carry a mini backpack. To give you a proper visual: My father is 6-foot-5 and could easily be mistaken for a grizzly bear.

The conundrum is not lost on U.K. designer Sam Hecht, who — himself no stranger to life on two wheels — has collaborated with the British fashion label Margaret Howell to graft storage space onto something working stiffs (biking types included) never go without: their shirt.

The resulting design combines the conveniences of a cycling jersey with the styling of a tailored shirt. Two big back pockets inspired by the turned-up tail of a classic dress shirt fit maps, newspapers, wallets, keys, and whatever other small items you cart to work, and a cleverly concealed pocket above the left cuff affords easy access to your subway card. The rest of the shirt is crisp, clean, and minimally detailed.

The shirt isn't cheap — 225 pounds, or about $360. But not looking like a geek in a mini backpack has gotta' be worth a lot more. Buy it here.

[Hat tip to Core77]

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  • Ken

    The shirt doesn't appear on the site given in the post.  Any other links that might work?

  • Abc

     Shirts usually get a bit dirty while cycling.  I'll take the backpack please, and deal with looking "like a geek" and not look like an idiot wearing a dirty $360 shirt....or any $360 shirt for that matter.

  • Rhonda Lee Starr

    No, what's hilarious is that you "fashionistas" thinks we all need to buy $360 shirts to go to our 9-to-5 when a $20 backpack or messenger bag will do. The real conundrum is how in the world this jackass can justify selling a cotton dress shirt for that much. Has it been pre-washed in crocodile tears?