Mitt Romney Nears Presidential Run, Commits Design Crime

Having just formed his presidential campaign exploratory committee, the candidate may want to scrap his minty-fresh branding.

Quick! When you think of Mitt Romney, what comes to mind? Perhaps an impeccably swoopy hairdo, and a deep voice with a gee-whiz Mayberry accent. But you absolutely cannot forget the teeth, and that 1000-watt smile.

So perhaps it's only fitting that the logo for Romney's newly announced exploratory committee for a presidential run—the precursor to a full-on campaign—happens to look exactly like the Aquafresh logo:


Uncanny right? And the deafening echos of other media campaigns doesn't end there. If the tagline seems familiar, that's because John Kerry used the same exact phrase in his failed attempt at the 2004 presidential election.

The sad thing is, the closer you start looking at that logo and the tagline, the worse and worse it gets. Okay, so it happens to mirror an out-of-touch, ineffectual candidate (Kerry) and an also-ran toothpaste that never could quite compete on the aisles with the big boys (Aquafresh). But you'll notice that the logo is barely even legible. Is it just us, or did you read it as "OMNEY" at first sight?

Sigh. Whatever your feelings about Barack Obama, at least the man's handlers know their way around campaign design and sloganeering.

[Via Wonkette and VF Daily]

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  • jimsilverman

    and Obama's logo looks more like Pepsi's than Romney's looks like Aquafresh. your assessment of his branding reeks of political bias.

  • lollimom48

    If they were really trying to win this might matter, but since they truly have no interest in winning this campaign all of this is an exercise in NOT WINNING.