The trailer at night

And during the day

And during the day

Cozy! Hate to get fired in there.

The front of the office has a capacious second room for bigger meetings. And, apparently, boozing.

The office from the street


An Office Where The Conference Room Is A Trailer [Slideshow]

The trash-culture symbolism of trailers started fading long ago, 'round about the 5,000th time an Airstream was hauled into the slick pages of Dwell magazine. Here to deliver the death knell is Australia's Parallax: The Adelaide design studio has plopped a cruddy ?70s aluminum trailer smack dab in the middle of its prim little office.

So there you have it. Trailers have officially gone from eyesore to design accessory — Central Florida chic, in a place of business, no less. The good news is that Parallax's trailer isn't all ironic style over substance. It serves as a private meeting room in what's otherwise a very un-private open-plan workplace. Folks can squeeze in around its tiny table and hold a brainstorming sesh without disrupting everyone else in the office, or vet prospective employees, or finally have a place to fire the lazy intern. This is the theater of working life that open-plan offices rarely account for. And say what you will about trailers, but human drama is one thing they know in spades.

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