Wanted: A Stand That Lets You Get More From Your iPhone

The Oona could be one of the most elegant and functional of iPhone stands out there. That is, if you help fund it.

Who knew the iPhone would spur an entire industry of dongles, stands, cases and converters -- most of them dashed off in plastic, many overpriced, nearly all crap? The Oona is one antidote. It's a moderately priced piece of machined aluminum with three screw-on suction cups, configurable in all sorts of clever ways to hold your iPhone to any smooth surface around (and still allow comfortable typing). Better yet, it's downright handsome compared to its competitors like, ahem, this thing.

The idea for the Oona belongs to three Silicon Valley upstarts who've been cruelly separated by their college careers; collaborating on this simple invention has helped their friendship bridge the distances between their new homes of New York, San Francisco, and L.A.

Sam Gordon, one of the Oona's three dads, says he and his cohorts will sell the Oona directly on their site "Everything is in place for us to begin selling," he writes to Co.Design, "once/if we raise the funds through Kickstarter." Gordon says they are also seeking partnerships with online and brick-and-mortar stores, so if that's you, hit up their Kickstarter page or holler at @TheOona on Twitter.



If you want to get your hands on one of these before production is in full swing, you can donate $25 or more to the cause and they'll send you your very own unit ($50 or more gets you an anodized and engraved gold version -- well worth it in our opinion.) The Oona will eventually retail for about $30.

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  • Victor

    I have bough one of these. How can I get my money back? Not only the suction cups don't... suck (well they do), but the angles provided are not so useful. For example on car dashboard that is already angled, the Oona simply cannot provide a good viewing.
    Never mind that it only works on perfectly clean glass. Otherwise get your iPhone a football helmet because it's about to fall a lot!
    One more thing... look at these videos - who uses a phone like that? Put you phone on the table! On the Oona the phone is not sitting sturdy enough for typing, so then if you need to grab it, why do you need this?