Filmmaker Captures Raw Beauty Of NASA's Mission To Saturn

Chris Abbas turns NASA footage into an eerie art-house film.

If you're a big NASA freak, you know that the Cassini Solstice Mission to Saturn has produced some of the most striking imagery of outer space around, starkly minimal black-and-white photographs of moons and planetary rings and tumbling asteroids that look as if they had been custom-shot for an art film. Chris Abbas has made that art film:

Abbas mined NASA's huge repository of footage from the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft to create a short that manages to capture the eerie emptiness of the cosmos in 2 minutes better than any Discovery Channel special ever could.

The Atlantic has full details on Abbas's creative process. The short version: He strung together images as if creating a flipbook and added crazy-haunting audio of Saturn radio-emission recordings that sound like something out of the Twilight Zone. Apparently, one of Abbas's big problems was selecting which shots to use. As he tells it: "It's always an extremely difficult process when all your source imagery is beautiful to begin with."

[Hat tip to The Atlantic]

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  • ScottsafriendofGod

    This was nothing less than fabulous.. no, wait - it was better than fabulous... It was stunning, I feel as if I had never seen any photographs or video clips of Saturn up to this moment; even though I've spent untold hrs. pouring over all I could get my hands on from Cassini. Thank you