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Wanted: A Dresser That Looks Like A Pile Of Firewood

Flannel? Check. Faded APC denim? Check. Beard comb? Check. Butchering course? Passed. Now all you need is some nice furniture...

If a pile of firewood is a monument to potential energy, then this storage piece is a monument to yours. On the outside, it's a tightly packed New England-style firewood stack. On the inside, designer Mark Moskovitz has roughly concealed four discreet drawers intended to hold your clothing, accoutrements, and anything you want indubitably destroyed in the event of fire.


Moskovitz says he's designing each of these pieces to custom dimensions for his customers, who can view one in person at The Future Perfect in Manhattan. So far he has built three of the "Facecord" pieces, as they're called, measuring 56" long by 36" inches high and weighing in around 250 pounds. Because he uses real firewood in its construction, Moskovitz says the Facecord series will vary greatly in appearance, ensuring customers with the requisite $5,800 to a totally unique result. Inquires and orders can be made by way of Moskovitz's website.

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  • Dieter Davis

    Interesting, but unless he's using Cedar or it has been repellent treated (ick), it can attract pests (such as wood spiders).

    Definitely interesting, but not sure even the innovative would like bedroom dresser they could get splinters on :). 

    A smaller entry (snowroom) box might be good, for putting boots, umbrellas, etc.