Wanted: Nerf's New Line Of Military Grade Water Guns

Nerf's newest arsenal of water guns will make you the stuff of water-war legend.

The problem with water guns has always been their inherent inferiority to the garden hose. With superior speed and power and unlimited water, the guy controlling the spigot has remained untouchable throughout a century of water fights.


A new arsenal of Super Soakers from Nerf could change your front yard's power balance. The smallest of these three water weapons is the Thunderstorm (pictured above), Nerf's new motorized, clip-fed minigun, which uses AA batteries to blast a range of 25 feet.


[The Tornado]

That's right — this gun takes refillable magazine cartridges full of water. So does the middle brother in this family of guns, the Tornado, which is also the showiest of the group. It's also motorized and relies on the same water cartridge, but sprays several streams concurrently through a rotating nozzle to creating what Nerf calls "a spinning helix of H2O power."

The largest of the bunch, the Hydrocannon, is human-powered like Super Soakers of yore, but it also has the longest range at 35 feet, and includes a barrel-mounted shield so you can get up close and personal.


[The Hydrocannon]

At $15, $20 and $25 respectively direct from Hasbro, it's the cheapest arms race in recent memory.

[Images by Drew Anthony Smith/]

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  • Tyler Gray

    Took these out for a spin with the kids (ages 5, 6) in the Washington Square fountain in NYC last weekend. Soaking wet unimaginable summer fun was had by all. Then a drunk pirate-y/Keith Richards-y guy with a giant chest scar and breath like Popov came over to join the fun, so we left ... But before that, these water guns were perfect for wholesome mayhem. Nothing, by the way, drenches like the Bazooka-style Hydrocannon. Tilt up the tip when pumping up for the full effect.