Infographic Of The Day: The Opportunity Gap Facing Blacks And Latinos

We all know that blacks and Latinos face greater challenges in seeking higher education. But the numbers are startling.

Admit it: Unless you feel these struggles closely, your eyes glaze over when you hear about the vast disparities that blacks and Latinos face in pursuit of the American dream. And maybe part of that is that you imagine nebulous claims of racism being the main ballast of the argument. But they're not, and the actual stats that back up these claims are scarier than you probably realize.

Some of these are laid out in a powerful infographic designed by Hyperakt for Good and the University of Phoenix.


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Although the message isn't surprising, the specifics are staggering: White families have a median net worth of $103,220, compared to $16,862 for Latinos and $5,740 for blacks. How could you possibly afford a college education given those circumstances? And in fact, 83% of non-whites that aren't attending college cite finances as the main reason they are not attending. In addition, 74% of Hispanic youths must work to help support their family, while 36% of black households with kids younger than 18 live in poverty.

Seen in that light, it's nothing short of amazing that 31% of white adults over 25 have a college degree, compared to 18% of blacks and 13% of Hispanics. Though it's hard to say exactly what has allowed this to happen, it goes to show that our system for getting minorities into, and through, the higher education system isn't totally broken. In fact, it some ways, it has been surprisingly successful.

[Images via Hyperakt; Click here to view larger]

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  • Dalsa

    Doug as a black immigrant I beg to differ. Most immigrants, whether they are from China/Africa /Europe do very well in the USA. The whole genetic thing is meant for hardcore racists to feel good about themselves. The divorce rate in the US is 50% which is  lower in a lot of third world countries. Does that make Americans genetically inferior relationship wise? My point is there are other variables that  factor in when analyzing anything. Not necessarily feeding your already existing prejudice with a narrow view of things.

  • Stuart Bogue

    Oh,Mr Doug,in a comment replete with BS,it is topped off by saying it is all caused by a Government program from the 60's    ....As though the previous 400 years had never for Government programs,I appreciate the one that taught me to read and write and recognise the tired spewing of the historically  and selectively ignorant...

  • Myron King

    As a black man, from a single parent household, raised on assistance, I
    managed to earn an M.S. in Public Policy Analysis back in 2000. I was
    inspired in part by people like Doug - people that will readily use the
    guise of statistical analysis to support obviously flawed 'points of
    view'. Thank you, Doug. You inspire me.

    Numbers (and the statistical models used to generate them) are often 'rigged' - aka manipulated via bias in the research design to suggest a predetermined view/opinion. So the numbers can reflect exactly what the researcher wants them to indicate - which may not be 'the truth' (gasp)... What if Doug created the statistical model? Someone with a similar worldview? The resulting numbers may appear valid, and as such, the conclusions.

    So, while it is a great graphic - helping one understand the concept being discussed, greater attention should be
    paid to the research methodology that resulted in the numbers - at least so we can discern what the potential biases might be and draw more informed conclusions.

    Thanks Cliff - MKK

  • Donald Roman

    So to summarize Doug's comments...
    -Poor whites are smarted than rich blacks.
    -One of the blackest cities (detriot) can't graduate students even if you throw money at them.
    -Black fathers by default dislike their children. Oh! and genetics cause black children to automatically be dumb.
    -All of the "Doug Henry facts" came about after 1960  -  300 years of slavery, nearly 200 years of Jim crow laws/segregation, which includes jailed/assisinated leaders. Oh yea, plus 20+ years of the crack epidemic.

    But doug is mad because aiding blacks for +/- 20 years (post crack era) to fix the past two generations and the next is waaaaaaay too much time.

    All that aside. This article is great. It does what more news organizations should be doing, "measure progress".  Doug Henry is very very very ignorant. I hope there are less people out there like him.

  • Steve Pender

    African Americans get admitted to colleges at the same rate as whites with SAT scores over 200 points higher. This means whites are the ones being explicitly discriminated against, purely because of skin color. Black kids raised in families making over $80,000 have lower SAT scores than white kids in households earning under $15,000. In Detroit, where they spend over $15,000 per student per year, about 1/4 graduate. How can whites be blamed for that? Asians with foreign born parents from a variety of nations, culturally brand new, achieve higher scores than the rest. Clearly there is some genetic basis for intelligence and achievement. 70% of black children don't have a father growing up. This is the reason for much of it, but whites shouldn't be blamed. This problem didn't exist until the 1960s when the government took over the role of father and began enabling that family structure through welfare and the denial of personal accountability, along with the drug war which encourages crime by forcing the price of drugs higher than it would otherwise.