Why Shouldn't A Microwave Look Like A UFO?

Brandt zaps the rectangular box.

Microwave ovens were considered the ultimate in futuristic kitchen gadgetry when they hit the market in the late '60s but, outside of a few dubious concepts that have surfaced over the years, they haven't exactly been on the leading edge of design innovation since.

So European appliance maker Brandt pretty much blows the category wide open with its new Spoutnik model. With its colorful mien and spherical shape, the Spoutnik breaks the rectangular box paradigm and also promises a functional leap forward.

The microwave's domed shape affords 360 degree views of the cheese bubbling on your Triscuits and its door opens 65 degrees, theoretically allowing easier two-handed access to contents. The machine also trades multiple buttons for a scrolling digital menu.

The product was heralded recently with an eye-catching ad campaign from DDB Paris, in which the microwave is cast as a surprise visitor from another world. "Brandt thought the place of a microwave was on a bar, like a deco object, and not anymore in a cupboard," says DDB Paris creative Olivier Lefebvre.

The campaign, shot by art collective Koerner Union, features miniature scenes and people standing in awe before the spaceship-evoking cooker, and the simple tag line: "The microwave that doesn't look like a microwave."

For now, the Spoutnik is available at select French retailers.

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  • Jill Hodges

    Id really love one of these I just hate boring old
    microwaves, oblong off not they need revamping and this just blows off every
    old cobweb that the other mics have...well done all round and tendy looking and
    yes I love the Ufo look because it reminds me of alienexistence that UK website
    that deals with ufo's go see the logo it looks like it I
    really have to go to France in my C3 pluriel to get one of these impressive
    little things huh?  Come on Brandt offer me a job to sell them over here you
    onion loving lot come on we Brits also needs kitchen gadgetry...I need one..please just send me one to try..hwww crying now (trudges off to the airport)