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L.A. Gets Another Food Truck, But This Time In The Airport

Because everything is more authentic and tasty when it comes from a truck, even if that truck is parked in Terminal 4.

If you've visited L.A. recently, you know that food trucks are as insufferably pervasive as caterers with headshots. They're so ubiquitous, in fact, that soon, you'll be able to visit a mobile kitchen the moment you step off the airplane.

Dutch design agency UXUS and airport retail service provider HMSHost are set to whip up what's gotta? be the world's first in-airport food truck. Slated for LAX's Terminal 4, the truck will preside over a new food court inspired by Grand Central Market, a big gourmet funhouse in downtown L.A.



The food court is designed to embody "the visual and cultural vernacular of Los Angeles." So it'll have satellites from a bunch of trendy L.A. restos: West L.A.'s La Provence Patisserie and Café; the Miracle Mile's Campanile; WeHo's organic Real Food Daily and 8oz Burger Bar; downtown's self-styled speakeasy The Varnish at Cole's; and, of course, the food truck, which will specialize in ?seasonally changing ethnic cuisines."

We love the idea of a food truck motoring around from one gate to the next (with ventilation in the airport, of course!). Never again would you have to lug your bags from the waiting area to the food court. As best we can tell, though, the truck won't actually do any trucking. It's immobile — a fake. Talk about the perfect emblem of the "visual and cultural vernacular of Los Angeles."

[Images courtesy of UXUS]

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  • LATAurusChef

    Rice is Right! Much too harsh.
    You could have made a much more clever--& witty--reference to Hollywood--rather than denigrating the city.

    Anyway, I love Hollywood and I look forward to the new adventure at LAX...!

  • Ann

    Great piece.  Just wanted to clarify that REAL FOOD DAILY represents both the "hoods" it dwells in, not just WeHo  but Santa Monica too.  In fact we will be using the same design of hanging light globes at LAX as we have in RFD-SaMo.

  • William C

    Not so original after all... There has been a vintage VW camper-van in Edinburgh airport for about ten years now. Parked on the second floor of the service lounge, it sells notoriously good Cornish Pasties and is adorned with flames and surfboards. 

  • Eric Rice

    "It’s a immobile -- a fake. Talk about the perfect emblem of the “visual and cultural vernacular of Los Angeles."

    Aw c'mon. You could have ended with a stronger snarky comment that doesn't indict the entire city. Maybe: "A theme-park attempt to pay lip service to the cultural trends of the city."

  • Alex Ogle

    Agreed! And I was feeling pretty optimistic on the heels of our triumph over Carmageddon and the possibilities for the culture shift that it revealed! Cheers to the designers for attempting to embrace a relevant part of our city's culture.