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A Kit For Cross-Stitching Your Own iPhone Case

Apple fanboys and craft geeks unite!

Customizing an iPhone case is nothing new. So how about customizing it with Pedobear?


[Not really Pedobear. But my editor thinks the similarities are pretty uncanny. Agree?]

The kitschy genius of Neostitch, a DIY iPhone case kit from Korea-based Connect Design, is that you can emblazon any old symbol or picture on your 4G phone's backside no matter how weird, geeky or flat-out tasteless; if you can cross-stitch it, you can Apple-fy it.


Neostitch comes with an open-weave phone case in one of six colors, a needle, thread, and cross-stitching instructions. You pick the pattern or make up your own. The kit costs $18. Buy it here.


[Hat tip to Design Milk]

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