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Simple Genius: A Desk That Grows With Your Kid

Kids grow. Their belongings do not. Enter the AZ desk.

Kids grow. Their belongings do not. Which sucks for parents who could be spending dough on a hot new car college fund but instead have to buy new shoes, bedroom furniture, and the like every time their offspring sprouts a few inches.

Enter the AZ desk. Designed by Lyon-based Guillaume Bouvet, it includes a chair and writing surface that get taller as your child morphs from a shrimpy toddler to a full-blown adult. Even the writing surface "grows up," converting from a kiddie-friendly chalkboard into an ergonomic table that could pass for something at mom or dad's office.

Clever, right? Parents only need to buy one desk in 18 years, which means more money for, uh... college! Unfortunately, AZ is just a prototype. But Bouvet tells Co.Design that he plans to put the desk into production next year. We'll keep you updated.


[Images courtesy of Guillaume Bouvet]

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  • kate

    Sorry RC, but i disagree I think it's beautiful. It's simple, elegant and functional. I do agree about some sort of storage would make it even better. 

  • Brian Herr

    Parent of 3 or even of 1, this is a clever design. I'm a father of 2, a mechanical engineer and I design most of our furniture. The main flaw to this design is the lack of storage. Other than that, this would be very practical for a lot of people. And truth be told, it's also your children's views on whether it's cool, not necessarily just yours.

  • Ldaviesdesign

     I am inclined to agree with Darren on his comment.Interesting concept and good start but as a furniture designer myself I see some weaknesses.1) Drawers or boxes are needed to store chalk, crayons, etc.2) fittings for later "upgrades" eg. lamp or extra compartments would enhance its future usefulness.Otherwise well done but what is the estimated RRP for this "stylish easle"?

  • Melanj05

    I think its a great idea !!! Various options given by the designer makes it even more multifunctional . I think its a great idea even  for a class room. they dont have to come up with new furniture every time....

  • M. Huizenga

    This product reminds me of a high chair by the Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik called "Tripp Trapp". The brand that sold these chairs also had a commode that could be changed into a desk over the lifespan of a child (the Stokke Care). This design takes it to the next level though, hopefully it will become just as popular as its high chair counterpart!

  • John Peachey

    Yeah love it. For the application I think perfect. Clean simple functional. I like the dual nature of being able to stand up to the easel as well as sit. It looks like marine or furniture grade ply so it would take the knocks. My daughter draws endlessly so paint, crayons, paper, glue, mess..... all good.

  • PamelaHaley

    Depends on how much it costs... Kids still use crayons and finger paints these days, people still draw on paper... right?

  • Darren

    Whoever came up with this obviously never had kids. It looks good, but it doesn't look sturdy enough to handle kid use and the lack of any drawers make it's functionality limited.

  • Daryl Pines

    Concept is excellent.  Will be interesting to learn the dimensions - seems to be a large footprint.  These days with children not needing to learn cursive and using laptops do they need a desk at all?  Seems any table will do....