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Not A Joke: Wicker Furniture That Makes Us Drool

A recent grad crafts exceptionally modern furniture out of a traditionally dowdy material.

Credit Patricia Urquiola with rescuing wicker from musty, outdated porches and transforming it into chic furniture worthy of dressing up the most stylish homes. And she's inspired a younger generation of designers (even if they don't realize it), including a young designer named Rami Tareef.

For his final project at Bezalel, Tareef created six artfully contemporary wicker pieces through a combination of traditional hand-weaving and newfangled technology. "The project tries to illuminate the differences and similarities between craft and design," Tareef tells Co.Design. "It tests and stretches the limits of their hybridization and tries to end up with something identifiable from that past world."

The sentiment might not be new — a slew of designers, including Urquiola, Hella Jongerius, and Stephen Burks, have been exploring the craft-design intersection for years — but the execution is exceptional: The bold, woven patterns cover the wire frames with the flattering fit of a well-tailored wrap dress. And as for comfort, Tarif assures us that, despite the holes in the seat and back, they're as comfortable "as any other chair."

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  • t3d

    Not a joke, I don't think it's actually wicker.
    I think they're woven nylon or polypro cord or something.