Wanted: The Ultimate Travel Shampoo Bottle

Yeah, we're excited about a shampoo bottle. Don't hate.

Ask any seasoned traveler, and he'll tell you: Travel shampoo bottles are a huge pain in the ass. They're a nightmare to fill, they never squeeze stuff out properly, and hotel rooms rarely have enough shelf space to store them.


Humangear's solution: a slick squeeze tube called GoToob. GoToob has an ultra-wide mouth that fills up without spilling shampoo everywhere and built-in suction cups that cling to the side of the shower for easy dispensation. The eminently squeezable, soft silicone body spits out liquids hassle-free. A "no-drip" valve around the cap keeps the shampoo from dribbling and oozing onto the sides. And an adjustable window lets you identify the contents in a snap. Never again mistake the body soap for conditioner (eek!).


[The cap can also be twisted to reveal different labels for what's inside the bottle]

We don't know what's more impressive: The fact that GoToob manages to solve all these problems or that it's a travel shampoo bottle and we just wrote an entire post about it. Sigh. GoToob comes in packs of three and costs $16.95 to $24.95 depending on size. Available at REI.

[Images courtesy of Humangear; hat tip to Cool Hunting]

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  • bhobbs63

    Unfortunately, the "hinge" on the caps wear out after limited use.   If that aspect were fixed, these would be superb.  In the meantime, I have switched back to my small Nalgene bottles.

  • Chris Van Aalste

    Something fishy is going on here. There is a striking and I doubt coincidental similarity between these
    and PKOHNYC's travel bottles sold at Momastore and Areaware. They are
    identical down to the essential details. Same architecture same materials same
    colors same textures even same content identification feature. The similarity could
    not be a coincidence.


    Someone must have copied the other. Will someone address this?

  • Carla

    I love these bottles too. They really are leakproof in my experience. The only issue is that they are quite a bit heavier than plastic travel bottles!

  • Rilin60

    Not only are they ridiculously priced but we've had two break where the plastic cap is. One broke in luggage and the other from falling off the wall when the weak suction cup list its grip