Koo, A Bassinet That Doubles As A Rocking Chair

Sandrine Lebas, Creative Director at LUNAR, created a 2-in-1 piece of baby furniture that you won't want to throw out as soon as Junior stops nursing.

Do you know how much fricking space baby gear takes up? I can speak from experience: Fitting all of it into a small New York apartment is a design problem and then some. Sandrine Lebas, Creative Director at LUNAR, must have experienced something like this, because she's created a godsend product called Koo — a baby bassinet that transforms into a rocking chair.

The Koo may look flimsy, but Lebas went through several rounds of prototypes to perfect its origami-inspired design. When Junior starts screaming in the middle of the night for a feeding, just lift him out of the Koo and pop two snaps on the front panel, which folds down into a wide rocking chair that looks roomy enough for a nursing pillow. Lebas says that reducing a new family's carbon footprint was part of her goal with the Koo (fewer products=less waste). It's a nice thought, but the simple fact that a 2-in-1 product like this could be cheaper and less bulky than the alternative probably suffices for most rookie parents. If only it had a built-in refrigerator for storing bottles too — we could be looking at Dyson-vacuum-level blockbuster potential here. Maybe something to think about for the next version, Sandrine?

[Hat tip to Core77]

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  • Elisa Petty

    Why don't they mention anything about cleaning the bassinet? With a new born, you're sure to have spit ups and diaper leaks.... Is this practical?

  • chris buttenob

    Cool idea, really like the basket style Chilewich outer shell.
    However, I would like to have seen more about how parent transitions from sitting position to bassinet position while holding baby. Can the parent close the side panel while holding sleeping baby with both hands? 

  • antmeans

    uh... why not place baby in bassinet while you close it up?  seems the obvious thing to do.