Simple Genius: A Kitchen Sink That Doubles As A Dishwasher

A clever concept by Ahhaproject lets you clean a sink full of dirty dinner plates at the press of a button.

If you’ve ever looked at a sink full of dirty dishes and wished to high heaven they’d clean themselves, then today’s your lucky day. Ahhaproject, a German and Korean design studio, has invented Eco Automatic, a sink that magically doubles as a dishwasher.

The key is a clever rotating mechanism. At the press of a button, a sink packed with dirty dishes pivots 180 degrees, disappearing under the counter, while a second sink appears in its stead. Under the counter and fully covered, the first sink kicks into dishwasher mode, rinsing plates and pans and knives as would any Kenmore or Whirlpool. Meanwhile, the second sink can be piled up with new dirty dishes. Press the button, and the sinks turn another 180 degrees, triggering the cycle all over again. In effect, it’s two sinks and two dishwashers in one.

It’s a great idea for people who don’t have enough room for a standard dishwasher or even for people who do. Loading the dishwasher can be harrrrrrd, especially for domestic dolts (that's us!). Eco Automatic eliminates that step entirely.

The drawback: Eco Automatic is just a concept. But Ahhaproject’s Jinwoo Han tells Co.Design that Swedish appliance giant Electrolux patented the design, which is maybe good sign it could sneak into our kitchens some day?

[Image courtesy of Ahhaproject with Christian Moser]

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  • Marie Tarpey

    Make it. Make it now. I don't care how it works, so long as it works. I want it!

  • Dreamscapes Cabinet Sales

    Maybe a great concept but I wonder how you prevent dishes getting scratched or chipped if there are no racks I think Whirlpool will perfect eventually

  • andysuth

    Not sure how doubling the effective diameter of a sink would help those with limited space. Most people have sinks either next to a wall (to help drainage) or in a centre island, both would take up more space in this arrangement.
    Is the Tap at a concept stage too, or is it a "you can have any temperature you like, so long as it's tepid" affair?

  • Cdaysh

    I'd love to have this just as a pivoting sink which would fill with hot water..until i was ready to load the dishwasher....

  • benwoj

    KitchenAid (Whirlpool Corp.) had an in-sink dishwasher (the Briva) in the early 2000s when I had worked in the appliance industry - so some credit where credit is due, the sink cum dishwasher is not a new concept; however this execution gets some style points.

  • Jinwoo Han

    Thanks for the comments.
    It seems Eco
    automatic concept is controversial J


    I understand
    why people are curious about all the details of Dishwasher.

    Many of the
    new concepts are would be criticized by people. Maybe. because they are not
    familiar with a brand new concept they never seen before.


    I agree it is
    not a perfect now, that’s why it is called a concept.

    However, I
    think all the inventions are developed from not a 'Perfect idea'.
    We are developing it for a mass market.
    Who knows, someday people use a same type as that dishwasher in the kitchen ?

  • Jinwoo Han

    there are some prototype images on Ahhaproejct website. 
    I believe that is helpful to understand how it works.

  • Michael Smythe

    I agree with the previous comments and also wonder how the mechanisms required to accomplish the task will be accommodated.

    More importantly - I wonder about the Fast Company/Co.Design journalist writing like a PR spin doctor. Must all design writing be relentless  promotion (including of half-baked concepts)? Will critical analysis only show up in the comment boxes?

    In a 'perception is reality' world writers do design a disservice when they label an unresolved simplistic concept 'simple genius'. This is not personal - it reflects widespread practice.

  • Karyl Gilbertson

    Agreed, it looks like it needs a rack or something in the sink if it is actually going to work properly. And maybe I don't fully understand, but from the picture there doesn't seem to be a button. It looks like you have to pull on the divider (hence the little cut-out on the right-hand side).

    Also, while I appreciate the space-saving design of this, how hard is it to load a dishwasher? Seriously?

  • Oliver Bothwell

    I am really curious how this could clean plates that are stacked on top of each other.