Here's Some Amazing Images Of Cats On Scanners

A Scanner Furrily!

Here at Co.Design, our fondness for felines ranks right up there with our worship of design god Dieter Rams. So at the risk of being too cute by half, we bring you Cat Scan, a Tumblr that elevates digital scans of our furry friends to awwww-inducing art.

And if you have access to a cat and a digital scanner, you’re all set to contribute to the site. Place Fluffy on the scanner’s glass top, press the scan button, and -– voila — you’ve got an irresistibly adorable image of smooshed fur and kitty toes. Even the most headstrong of cats will be willing (if unwitting) models, since a digital scanner is a.) warm and b.) something they really shouldn’t sit on in the first place.

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  • Steve

    Ok, I think this is great and would love to enlist the services of my cat, Koogle, to  see what neat results we could come up with. I have a technical problem to work out.......I only have a drum scanner and that rotates at 1600 rpm. I'm going to order a lot of tape and see what I can come up with.......keep you posted.



  • Chillout

    People need to chill. They're cats on a scanner. Jeez. Seriously its just supposed to be cute and funny. Do you REALLY think cats are being hurt in the process of having them sit on a glass surface? Relax your life.

    Anyways, I thought it was cute and silly.

  • Krissie

    That is pretty horrible and not clever at all. Poor cat. All for some crappy idiot to pretend they did something original *rolls eyes*

  • Matthew

    Did everyone miss the fact that the last cat's face is obviously being pushed against the glass?  The cat is not sleeping.  If it were there would be alot more fur against the glass.  All you see is it's face and paws.  That's not a comfortable place for the cat for sure.  I am not a peta person and i do eat meat (but not cat meat.)  This could have been a cute post if all the cats were willingly, momentarily, sitting, resting, laying atop the scanner.  But that last cat - not so much!  Get a life people!

  • Eric

    Who cares if it happened 10 years ago.  Still cool to see.  I like doing the same sort of thing photocopying plastic shopping bags - moving the bag, etc. while the photocopier scanner bar (name?) moves across the glass.

  • Anders Daven

    Dan Light: It was around like 14 years ago. This stuff is older than the <blink>-tag. It's the original cat-meme. </blink>

  • Dan Light

    I may be imagining things, but I'm pretty sure this was around ten years ago. I worked in an Internet cafe in Edinburgh called Web 13, and this was probably the first cat-related meme I'd ever encountered, a site full of pictures of cats with their faces pressed against the glass.  It was around the same time someone told me to ditch Hotbot and try something called Google.  Strange to think that the web, like clothes, might be about to get all cyclical on us.

  • Patricking

    that _specific_ cat scan site hasn't been around for ten years, but there was one (same name, same concept, same content, possibly even the same people) at, which was the first link ever posted to metafilter in 1404 BC.

    metafilter's owner, matthowie, recently bought the domain (which i think may have been dormant?) to celebrate MeFi's 12th birthday.