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Magnetized Soap Bubbles Mutate And Make Bathtime Scary [Video]

Run for your life, it's a bubble bath! I said RUN!

San Francisco designer Kim Pimmel combined soap bubbles with dye and some creepy-ass music and got this time-lapse video, which looks like the trailer for some kind of slasher film starring rubber duckies:

He made it by dropping red dye and black ferrofluid, a sort of iron-enriched metal, through run-of-the-mill soap suds. Magnetic fields and capillary action (the tendency for liquids to rise in narrow tubes, like when paper towels get wet) sent the fluids veining through the bubbles. Pimmel then shot the sequence with a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 60mm macro lens.

Impressive? Yes. But don't show it to your children. They'll never get in the bathtub again (we probably won't either).