A Greenhouse Made Of 100,000 Legos

To the list of amazing things Legos are capable of, add this: They can feed you.

London industrial designer Sebastian Bergne has built what’s being billed as the world’s first greenhouse made entirely out of Legos—an 11.5-foot-tall translucent shed that nourishes edible plants, like tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers.

Set down in London’s famous Covent Garden, it’s got walls and a pitched roof constructed using 50,000 clear Legos, with another 50,000 brown Legos on the ground to mimic the look of soil. (Cute.) Bergne tells Co.Design that the Lego Greenhouse was thrown together in just one night, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. And while it’s a temporary structure—designed as part of the London Design Festival—it hints at the potential for Legos to be used as a construction material in the real world. Up next: a Lego computer?

Oh, wait.

[Images courtesy of Sebastian Bergne]

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  • Ravenhook

    Touché, Davidkellydesign!  Although the spacing between sentences is a matter of debate:

    (I'm old school, having learnt word processing in the '80s when dot matrix characters were fixed width.  It's a hard typing habit to break.)

    But I was more about making an observation of accepted use in American popular culture than throwing stones, even though LegoBuilderGal invites it by calling millions of people toddlers.  To most AFOLs, "Legos" sounds (and looks) horrendous, but many people say it that way, and will unfortunately continue to do so.

  • Davidkellydesign

    I agree, it's LEGO, never Legos. But 'Ravenhook', before you jump to call people ignorant and wrong, what's with the double word spaces between sentences? Stones/glass house, etc.

  • Ravenhook

    Americans frequently pluralise it, and I think Lois or Peter in Family Guy spoke it that way.  I agree, it sounds ignorant, but there you go:  tomato / tomAto.

    Also, technically it's meant to be written capitalised, as LEGO.  So, LegoBuilderGal, you are wrong too.  You are now required to build a set as penance!

  • LegoBuilderGal

    It's "Lego bricks", NOT legos. Only a todder can get away with calling them that. Otherwise from your repetitive mistake, nice that you covered what's going on in the world of Lego.