Infographic Of The Day: The Biggest Cliches Of Web Infographics

We've seen our fair share of these.

At Co.Design, we pride ourselves on uncovering the best infographics—meaning the ones that convey complex information with easy-to-understand visuals. There’s usually no shortage of choices—there’s a data boom, after all, and lots of folks trying to make sense of it—but few actually hold up to close scrutiny, yielding more head-scratching than useful information. Which is why Alberto Antoniazzi’s meta-infographic, which perfectly encapsulates the sorts of a failed attempts we regularly come across, made us smile with recognition.

Even if you don’t make a point of sifting through infographics on a daily basis, you’ll recognize a few of these templates. (Tube map? Check. Periodic table? Check. Word cloud? Check. Sprawling vertical infographic? Check.) And like most good examples, this infographic doesn’t need a lengthy explanation.

For a more serious take on the trends that will define the future of infographics, read Ross Crooks’s post here.

[Via We Love Data Vis]

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  • Guest Who

    "what exactly do her looks have to do with anything?"

    Her" looks" have to do with how here facial features, being spaced as they are and in the proportions that they are, create a pleasant visual experience...she is pleasant to gaze upon...she is not repugnant to look at, as opposed to what stares back at me when I look in a mirror...sheesh...lighten up Francis.

  • Richard

    a) This isn't an infographic.
    b) You pride yourselves on uncovering the best (usually actually the worst) infographics because they are pageview bait, I don't know why you are proud of that.

  • Mtt Glue

    Of course it's an inforaphic: it graphically displays information of a dubious nature in a qualitative fashion. That's about as infographic-y as you can get. Plus, she's hot & it's an amusing post = Internet break time win.

    Maybe try switching to decaf snark bars, dude.

  • RJH

    Yup. I guess you could also define these as "standard and useful ways of showing data in a graphical form", but as Belinda's photo makes her look so so hot, we'll overlook that.