Why Infographics Matter [Video]

Column Five Media gets meta on us by throwing light on the value of infographics using—yes—infographics.

Here at Co.Design, we post so many infographics, we never really stop to explain why you should care about them in the first place. The data-viz aces over at Column Five Media take care of it for us in the brief film below.

The Value of Data Visualization makes a compelling case for how infographics exploit visual clues like color, size, and graphic orientation to help us understand complex stories. Naturally, they use infographics to do it. Without further ado:

Check out Column Five Media’s recent post on Co.Design about three trends that’ll define the future of infographics.

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  • Connie Miller

    What a perfect and perfectly short & accessible lesson! I coach entrepreneurs for their funding pitches, and almost always always need to teach them these slide design lessons. Now I can share this with them prior to my coaching sessions! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • jean julien AKA IPUB

    have you any good websites/blogs/facebook pages any online references dedicated to dataviz ?
    Thank you.

  • Madhuresh Com

    Although i myselft have used infographics (conceptually) still the conventional formats are also not so bad as far as the commons are concerned. For people with good mental visualization skills any canvas is a drawing board !!

  • Teresita A Krueger

    Data meeting Design. Sounds so E. Tufte- who's been advocating Data visualization techniques for many years.  Someone should put his lectures on iTunes and You Tube for all to see, learn and benefit from.

  • RI

    The business world these days are slaves to power point - we are constrained by what power point do. Video is 100 times for powerful than a power point slide show. I loved the video.

  • SP

    I see many values in this video. One is we learn how to communicate effectively. Second such graphics would improve ones creative talent. And finally it describes several ways of using graphics. So innovative...
    Thanks for sharing 

  • Mike Averto

    Nice video on infographics. They really are where data meets design.


  • devorahf

    My biggest desire is that alt text be included with the infographics. As much as you might likely to visualize data. some users will never see them.

  • nelsonwee

    I like this!  Great visualization with infographics where as the video puts it data meets design.