"Stop Tweeting Dumb Sh*t" And Other New Workplace Rules

Creative studio Division of Labor makes a series of retro-inspired posters that say what we're all thinking.

If I see another creative-workplace poster variation on "Keep Calm and Carry On," I just might scream. Maybe that should be an addition to Division of Labor's cheeky poster series "New Rules of Work," which uses vintage letterpress design to send up the vagaries of early 21st-century knowledge work.

The best part about these posters—whose admonitions include "Criminalize Decaf"—is how their sentiments apply to pretty much any current workplace. "It seems the thoughts are pretty universal and extend way beyond the world of advertising and production," Division of Labor writes on their site. "When your mom asks you whether she should have an account on "the Twitter" you know the new media has crept far outside of Cupertino, Saratoga and Palo Alto." In fact, the company only started selling the posters after people saw them hanging in the studio window and asked if they were for sale. I guess people will do anything to get rid of that "Hang in There!" poster with the kitten and the tree branch that’s been fouling up the break room for 15 years.

[Buy the "New Rules of Work" poster set for $35 at Division of Labor]

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    glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks 99.9% of tweets are not worthy reading.

  • Cyn

    Fantastic! So where do I memo a PDF of these to everyone in my department, who will then forward them onto others, including my boss, who may or may not find it funny that I sent it in the first place? :) I'd probably include 'Nothing Good Ever Came Out of A Systems And Processes Optimisation Meeting' (or the like)…. good lordy I hate those meetings - 4 hours of chat about unimplemented solutions, meandering around from issue to issue like a dazed, run over lizard..  

  • caroliss88

    I agree with all these posters except "Criminalize Decaf." I am one of the miniscule minority of people with a life-threatening allergy to caffeine, and I'm also annoyingly peppy and alert most of the time without it anyway... So far I have avoided joining both Twitter and Facebook, as I enjoy my privacy and assume others do too.

  • Dorian

    I can't believe you managed to title this post quoting "Stop Tweeting Dumb Shit" when the poster says "Stop Tweeting Boring Shit", 'dumb' doesn't appear on any of their merchandise. 

  • Amy Swanson

    These cracked me up, especially the, "Nothing good comes from hitting 'reply all'". I can see why people wanted to buy them!