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Nike’s New Thermo-Molded Sneakers Are Like Sculptures For Your Feet

The classic Air Force 1, Dunk, and Air Max 90 Nike shoes get the Vac Tech treatment—a thermo-molding technique that produces one-piece, stitch-free sneakers.

Nike might have ruptured the space-time continuum to release Marty McFly’s sneakers last month, but the company’s new Vac Tech collection is just as futuristic.

As a centerpiece for the holiday season, Nike Sportswear has released three of its most venerable brands—the Air Force 1, Dunk, and Air Max 90—constructed using a thermo-molding technique, a kind of vacuum compression method that allows the shoe to be held together without any noticeable seams or stitching. The Nike Dunk VT, above, basically recreates the familiar silhouette of the original design as sculpture around your feet.

The thermo-molding process, or "Vac Tech technology," as the company calls it, results in a seamless, one-piece vacuum-packed upper construction and comes with matching shoelaces and either black or white soles. There are glossy and regular leather versions, while suede versions come finished with a variety of tonal colorways—the suede Dunks and these beige Air Max 90 VTs are especially good.

More information here.

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  • Bob Smith

    Appreciate the article James. As a designer at Nike for 11 years, I can attest to their obsession with innovation Unfortunately… those are all pictures of Air Force 1s.

  • Jbledd

    What are they made of? IE, ok the idea is great but how toxic is the material used to mold a sneaker? Will your feet breath as in a leather shoe ? or die of sweat. Ah design vs function. I guess we have yet to see.