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Infographic of the Day

Infographic Of The Day: A Visual Taxonomy Of Every Chocolate Candy, Ever

Pop Chart Lab's latest creation is a kaleidoscope of junk food factoids.

What’s your favorite candy bar? Even if you’re one of those snobs who only eat that imported British stuff, your guilty pleasure of choice is probably somewhere on this crazy-detailed chart from Pop Chart Labs. (Bonus points for including Kinder Bueno, that bizarrely named treat that’s arguably more fun to say than it is to eat.)

[Click image for larger view]

The chart, whose Wonka-esque name is "The Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars," plots every candy bar under the sun and visually connects its ingredients to its similarly flavored friends. So with some close inspection, you can divine that the aforementioned Kinder Bueno contains hazelnut cream and, like the much more prosaic Kit Kat, is made with wafers.

What good is this information? Unless you’re an unholy hybrid of Augustus Gloop and a reference librarian, I’m not sure. But is it sure is sweet to look at.

[Available for $20 at Pop Chart Lab]