Wanted: A Handy Toolkit For Making Catchy Protest Signs

Patrick Thomas's Protest Stencil Toolkit lets you spray-paint your own protest slogans in a jiffy, whatever your cause.

Here’s something that oughta come in handy now that Occupy Wall Street has officially transformed into Occupy Everywhere: a toolkit for making your own protest signs that covers an indiscriminate raft of causes—and in multiple languages. A compendium of 46 crisp, die-cut stencils, it includes everything from a clenched fist (union solidarity) to a recycling symbol (environmentalism) to "Chai Na" (Chinese for "tear that down") to a skull and cross bones (uh, pirate rights?). It’s even got crosshairs—for the discerning NRA demonstrator, we guess. Buy Patrick Thomas’s Protest Stencil Toolkit (Laurence King, 2011) for $24.95 here. And for images of some of our favorite OWS protest signs, go here.

[Images courtesy of Laurence King]

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  • Jragland

    I think it's funny!  Would someone who's following the Occupy movement log on to Amazon and have one of these shipped to his hosue via Fedex.  Probably!  

  • imaybeonfire

    AR303. May I suggest that the next time you use the english language consider this. Are the words you are about to use appropriate in the presence of your mother, your sister, a girlfriend or a girlfriends mother? If they are not  don't use them.

  • BongBong

    You see? There's a market for everything. Now, is this guy considered evil for trying to make a buck off the "Occupy" rubes?

  • janjamm

    This is the kind of crap that keeps people in boxes. Free yourselves. Use your own imagination. Get paint. Duct tape. Watercolors. Escape!!!