Uh, Wanted? Harvard Prof Invents A Caffeine Inhaler

Remember David Edwards, the Harvard professor who gets paid to make zany gadgets like smokable chocolate and plant-based air purifiers—stuff that’s both totally cool and completely useless? He’s back, only this time he’s invented something that might actually come in handy, especially among Red Bull-pounding college kids. Introducing caffeine you inhale.

Aeroshot Pure Energy is a slim, pocket-sized tube that works like an asthma inhaler. Pull on the little button gently, and the tube opens up at one end, allowing you to inhale a puff of light, caffeinated powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth.

Each puff contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, roughly equivalent to a tall mocha at Starbucks, and each tube has 6-8 shots inside. Unlike a Starbucks mocha, it’s calorie-free, and it won’t give you horrid coffee breath. And unlike your average energy drink, it meets TSA regulations. Though personally, a big jolt of caffeine is the last thing I want when I’m boarding an airplane.

AeroShot will be available in Boston and New York in January, for a price of about $2.50 per tube.

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  • Escher7

    100 cups of coffee or 30 "wake-up" pills have proven fatal. Caffeine is a deadly drug if misused. Be forewarned. 

  • Trashman

    Even more stupid tiny non recyclable little candy containers to be tossed out of your fucking windows.

  • Alexsomo

    people will be dropping like flies when there's nothing to stop them from overdosing in short time frame heavy use episodes. stick to coffee

  • Ac1d

    I got this it tasted bad well the lime one did. But its pretty cool he now has one that you can inhale your vitamins. Since im a member they send me stuff every month.

  • numbership 1

    realy incredebile,next steps  is it valium to sleep fast  lol lol  or couldnt be avaible for all the market med.

  • Guest

    Erroneous info in this article. Each puff isn't 100mg of caffeine. The entire thing is. That makes it 12,000 times more expensive than plain old caffeine pills.

  • guest

    forgot to move the decimal. 12,000 mg of caffeine in pill form = $3. This, 100mg of caffeine, = $3. Still, a massive waste.

  • Charles Okwandu

    got one for free on the internet, its not an inhaler, its a tube full of powder that you try to inhale but you suck it in and it absorbs into your tongue.  The taste is so gross, I tried getting it out of my mouth for hours with no luck.  never pay money to this company, its disgusting

  • YanMinor

    **Each puff does not deliver 100mg. 

    The website states that the entire tube contains 100mg. Each puff is about 15mg to 25mg of caffeine. 

  • Buzzbuddy

    The biggest joke is , the inhaler dispenses 100mg = to a starbucks coffee. .
    Any good coffee snob will know that a good coffee has  500mg  no wonder they closed 73 stores in aussie............. selling dishwater,

    If you want a good caffienne hit buy indonesian lollies called Kopiko. real coffee.

  • James Delahoussaye

    That's an absurd number.  500 mg?  I don't think any cup of 'snob' worthy coffee has content around that.

    Drip coffee makers average around 115 mg... 

    I think you must be mistaking snob with crazy coffee caffeine addict

  • Cust20

    I just tried mine yesterday. the taste is unbelievably bad, i had to wash my mouth out

  • slartybartfast

    It does already come in pill form, however as anyone who's ever laced a hookah with anhydrous caffeine will surely tell you, absorbing your caffeine straight through your membranes is much, much faster than waiting for your digestive tract to get around to it.  This is a fantastic idea, though yes, just like driving a car, it does have the potential to kill you if you're a complete idiot.