Wanted: A Racy E-Dress That Helps You Flirt

Granted, it takes a mountain of courage to wear.

For ladies who don’t have the patience for coy flirtation, here’s something that gets the job done quickly: a sensor-enabled cocktail dress that flashes a whole lot of skin the more excited you get.

So say you meet some guy who sends your heart aflutter. The dress responds to your elevated pulse by growing transparent around the (already plenty skimpy) plunging neckline. Conversely, if he’s such a snooze that you’re about two seconds away from flat-lining, the dress stays opaque, sending an instant "no, thanks!"

Intimacy 2.0 is latest in a series of hyper-sexy e-dresses from the techie Dutch designers Studio Roosegaarde in collaboration with V2_Lab and fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht. Each dress combines embedded sensors and conductive "smart foils" that become see-through when zapped by electricity. But whereas previous iterations would’ve landed you in jail for indecent exposure (one dress went transparent simply by being around other people and covered less than a pastie), Intimacy 2.0 is designed to be flaunted outside of the bedroom. It’s still pretty damned racy, though. Big up to anyone who’s daring enough to wear it. The rest of us will have to stick to batting our eyelashes.

Dresses are available in black or white on custom order through Studio Roosegaarde. More info here.

[Images courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde; hat tip to Fashioning Tech]

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  • Guest

    While the technology is pretty cool, this seems more appropriate for a high-end strip club.

  • earmuffs

    A sexy bra would be plenty to get interest. No need to go for the full monty.
    As for the girls asking for e-Trousers, I would just piss myself laughing if a guy's pants turned transparent. It would sure out the gay guys in a hurry.

  • Crabella76

    I see a bunch of mixed signals as a result. The model was holding her breast at the beginning of the video. If you do that while wearing it, won't any guy think, "She's so turned on by me she has to touch herself"?

  • Thelostmedici

    I love to see progress in technological wearables - this is a fantastic use of technology.  Thinking of this as being able to change patterns based on your biometric readings - so as you react differently different images, colors, or shapes are displayed.   Would that we were all so brave as to wear our hearts (or skin) on our sleeves.  Great post, thanks.

  • Mr Mil

    What is the point - you can see everything even when it's 'opaque'?! This seems to be a rather adolescent vision of eroticism... "oooh, nipples..." Not sexy, not clever.

  • Karen E. Lund

    Years ago, in one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, Douglas Adams imagined "peril-sensitive sunglasses" that would turn dark whenever the wearer was in the presence of something so scary he or she wouldn't want to see it.

    This is the closest I've seen.

  • Hunky Dory by Diana

    The makers of this dress need to watch the film, "Miss Representation" and read the book, "Super Sad True Love Story." How about instead using technology to solve one of the world's many problems (hunger, sex trafficking, lack of drinkable water, etc.) instead of making women's skin even more available for the male gaze?

  • Ali_writes

    I don't know how many girls would appreciate being that trasparent about their feelings. However I do love the idea. Now the question is how does is measure interest? Heartbeats? 

  • Doug Collins

    Would people with hypothyroidism inadvertently discourage suitors when they wear this dress?