Wanted: A Chic Stylus For Drawing On iPads With Hyper Precision

The Architect, by Pedro Gomes, is a sophisticated tool for sketching—and flirting?!

Remember when a Palm Pilot stylus signaled cutting-edge technology? Fortunately, one doesn’t need a small stick to operate a smartphone anymore, but a stylus can be handy for tablet users who want to bang out a quick sketch. There are a bunch of models on the market, ranging in feel from a fat crayon to a ballpoint pen. Maybe the slickest comes from Pedro Gomes, who designed the Architect out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. As the promotional video seems to suggest, this stylus is sexy enough to turn a dorky architect into a prime object of desire.

The Architect could be mistaken for a classy pen, with an anodized matte finish. All in all, an instrument you might find in the refined hand of Renzo Piano. The cap—which has a clever loop—protects a smooth 9.5-millimeter rubber tip. If you plan to use it as a flirtation tool, we don’t recommend wearing it on a lanyard.

The Architect works with all capacitive touchscreens and is available from Arctic for the pre-order price of $22.95. Units start shipping in mid-November.

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  • Rick

    The issue with drawing on the  ipad ain't the stylus, it's the screen.  All stylus's are going to draw like a soggy cigarette butt until the screens become more sensitive, a la Wacom Cintiq.  That day will come, and thanks to Moore's law won't cost.  I'm biding my time...

  • Donn Pattenden

    No, the Cintiq's pressure sensitivity is in the stylus, not the display.

  • Dave Benson

    I have used the Jot and personally, the feeling of having the plastic piece of the Jot rubbing against my iPad screen while i'm trying to do some sketches just doesn't cut it. Call me old-school but right now, the best solution and experience appears to be these finger-like tips. Tried the Alupen and it works like a charm. 

  • majorace

    The problem is the iPad reads the side of your hand the same as it does a tip of a stylus. A person has to hover over it to write properly. Most people are used to having the writing surface as something to rest their hand on.

  • Design emotion

    Hmmm...the design detailing is almost identical to the line of TUL highlighters that gravitytank did.

  • stefani bachetti

    I recently bought the Adonit Jot. They had some production issues at first but I use use it to viznote on an iPad and it is by far the best I've drawn with to date. The detail it allows is amazing paired with Sketchbook Pro's high res canvases.

  • Jane Barnard-Smith

    Agree with Matt. All these styluses are a poor substitute for the immediacy of thf finger. What we want is a fine point stylus in line with normal writing/drawing/painting implements. 

    Jane Barnard-Smith

  • Matt Koyak

    How about one that DOESN'T have a tip like a finger... If I wanted that I'd just use my finger.  We need one that has a much finer point so your handwriting doesn't end up resembling that of a 1st grader.