Finally, Led Zeppelin Inspires A Heavenly Stairway

An homage to "Stairway to Heaven," this ladder doesn't rock. (But that's a good thing!)

Using a ladder while it’s leaning against a corner is a private, domestic version of Jackass. Everyone knows it’s a stupid thing to do—like changing a light bulb on a swivel chair—but sometimes you feel like pressing your luck. Arthur Analts, a 20-year-old student at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, has designed a ladder to save us from ourselves. The Led Zeppelin (pardon the obvious "Stairway to Heaven" reference) is a ladder that can be safely climbed while standing against a corner—no crazy stunt work required.

How it works: Depending on which way it’s oriented, Led Zeppelin can be positioned in three different ways: straight against the wall or at a 45-degree or 25-degree angle against a corner. Rubber pads at the ladder ends add extra insurance against slippage, and notched rungs on the sides provide places to hang tools and such, eliminating the need for the precarious one-armed ascent. The best part: Zeppelin fans—DUDE!—will notice that the ladder’s jagged contours seem lifted directly from the band’s logo.

Led Zeppelin is made to order. Contact Analts at for more info.

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  • Seng

    Does it work as well when the user is in the upper half of the rungs and overextended? In the video, it's not being used as much more than a three step ladder with five shelves on top, hardly a stress for slippage since the center of mass is still no far from the feet.

  • Aloisio5

    Nice! what a creativity! Loved it! I also loved the "Nike" shoes they are wearing. Is there a way you can check with them where did they buy those?

    Does the brand "Led Zeppeling" has something to do with the rock band?

    Thank you!

  • Glen Isip

    Very clever design! I'd get one if I had shelves that high, but I agree that the name seems more like a tie-in.

  • Ted Kusio

    Cool, ladder, but the name distracts either as a gimmick or legal trickery.