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No Joke: Noisezero, Eco-Friendly Headphones That Aren't Hideous

British-born, Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young successfully blends sophisticated styling, green materials, and high-quality sound.

When shopping for over-ear headphones, consumers generally choose between two looks: the overweight-business-traveler or the just-call-me-homie. That’s why we immediately took a shine to Michael Young’s über stylish Noisezero O+ earphones for EOps and the Parisian fashion store Colette. Bonus: While they’re made from recyclable materials and, they don’t compromise on sound. "We designed the product to be a quality item, so its sound performance was most important," Young tells Co.Design.

First, the construction, then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty audiophile details. The headphones are made primarily of stainless steel, aluminum, and cornstarch bioplastics; soft sheep leather ear pads provide comfort and passive noise isolation. For those who finely tune their treble and bass settings, here’s more technical info (others may feel free to skip to the end):

The extra large 50-mm titanium-coated HD driver unit with neodymium iron boron magnet generates powerful sound. Also the state-of-the-art titanium-coated high-
rigidity driver diaphragm eliminates unwanted vibration for sound supremacy. The internal double-bass reflex chamber design and tuned bass port produce super strong bass, while its balanced air-pressure-tuned treble ports provide extra clear treble.

And they’re really, really good-looking. Plus, flexible cable features a three-button remote for controlling playback and volume. Noisezero O+ is available in gold or anthracite for €170 ($157, excluding VAT) from Colette.

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    In stead of "liking" these I would kind of like to "dislike" these as an option on this page.  Yeah there pretty but it's barely recyclable (and it is really only down-cyclable) and the other part the corn starch plastic part is really the only truly eco-friendly part.  Plus that guy in the video sounded like a pompous a$$....